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How to get free books in iBooks for your Apple device

1. Go to the App Store and install iBooks and Downloads

2. Go to your downloader and type in the title of the book you want and add epub at the end

3. Click on the correct download link

4. Save as the Title of the book or whatever you want but always make sure it’s an .epub file

5. Go to the Files section in your downloader and tap on the blue arrow

6. Then, tap open in iBooks and then it should switch to the iBooks app in a few seconds and you’re all done!


- You could use any downloader you want- Always make sure it’s an .epub!

- Avoid .pdf files or any other formats, it would work but it looks bloody horrible in use of iBooks

- if you download a series, just tap the folder and it will automatically extract and just follow step #6

- If you have no idea what book or if you want a brief description and reviews about a book, go to or install the app

Links to the websites I used:



(I will be adding more links soon)

Enjoy! :)

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